These terms and conditions provide for the ways in which the processes of placing orders, making payments and delivery and filing complaints via this site are to be undertaken.

Seller is Element d.o.o., and Buyer is the visitor to the site who places an order by electronic means and makes a credit card payment.

Placing Electronic Orders

The Buyer is to place an order by electronic means when ordering a product or products.

Any person who places an electronic order for at least one product and submits the required personal data together with the order is considered to be the Buyer.

All prices are stated in Croatian national currency Kuna (HRK), or converted into euros (EUR).

Goods are electronically ordered by selecting a desirable product and placing it in a shopping cart. The goods are considered to be ordered once the Buyer has selected and confirmed a payment method.

Making Payment

PayPal logo It is recorded that products or services ordered are to be paid by electronic means by using PayPal paymens service. Learn more about PayPal here.

Making Delivery

It is recorded that products ordered get to be packed in such a way so as to avoid damage during customary handling. The liability for checking the condition of ordered products vests with the Buyer and is to be done upon receipt. In case of damage, the products should be immediately returned to the deliverer (company in charge of delivery). Element d.o.o. renounce any liability in connection with the damage caused during delivery.

If recorded that the Buyer failed to receive the delivery or a delivery notice after its timely issue, the Buyer is entitled to inform Element d.o.o. thereabout in order to either initiate the process of delivery recovery or receive a replacement.

If recorded that the Buyer refuses to receive the ordered delivery, Element d.o.o. is entitled to demand of the Buyer to cover all delivery-related costs.

It is recorded that subsequently to the receipt of duly completed electronic order, Element d.o.o. will commence with the confirmation of the said order and thereupon initiate the delivery to the Buyer. Upon the receipt of the said confirmation, Element d.o.o. will deliver the products within five (5) working days.

It is recorded that upon passing the products to be delivered to deliverer (company in charge of delivery), Element d.o.o. is no longer held liable for the further delivery process or any potential delays or problems that could arise in connection with the further manipulation and delivery of the products.

If recorded that the Buyer opted for the product download option, Element d.o.o. will forward the formal notice to the Buyer exclusively by means of electronic mail, wherein downland links and instructions will be given. Upon the receipt of download confirmation (electronic mail), the Buyer can commence product download.

Filing Complaints

It is recorded that Element d.o.o. will deliver a technically functioning and operating product in accordance to the product description given on web site. The image illustrating the product on the web site is only a visual representation of the actual product and the full product description is only comprised of both the image and the adjoining textual product description.

It is recorded that Element d.o.o. is not held liable for any damages or losses falling within the deliverer's responsibility.

If recorded that the Buyer opted for the product download option but failed to perform the download due to technical issues related to Element d.o.o.'s server, Element d.o.o. will send an e-mail with new download enabling data, whereby the Buyer is freed from any expenses.

If recorded that repeated download performance failures appear as a result of technical problems related to Element d.o.o.'s server, the responsibility to inform the Seller's sales service thereof vests with the Buyer. The said service will thereafter offer an adequate solution, causing no further expense for the Buyer. The Buyer is not entitled to request money refund in this case.

If recorded that the obstacles to the download process result from technical problems not related to Element d.o.o., but to the Buyer, operator or a third party, Element d.o.o. will not take liability for it and is not in such a case obliged to enable download or free-of-charge delivery.

It is recorded that the Buyer is to download the product within five (5) working days, after which this will no longer be possible, regardless of the fact that payment was made. In such cases, the Buyer renounces the right to complain.

General Conditions

The terms and conditions outlined in this agreement may be changed by Element d.o.o. All changes will pertain to the use of and access to web site. The liability for the accuracy of the data provided during purchase order process vests with the Buyer.

It is recorded that the services offered by Internet shop do not provide for the costs arising from the use of computer equipment or other services required in order to access our web site. Element d.o.o. is not liable for the costs of telephone or Internet use as well as any other possible costs.

Element d.o.o. is trying to provide you with the best service offer. Element d.o.o. can however guarantee neither that service provided on web site will suit your needs nor that the service will be provided without any errors. In case of error, it will be greatly appreciated if you report it to our contact centre or by means of e-mail in order for us to be able to remove it as quickly as possible.